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Performance Guaranteed

The difference between first and second are only tenths, hundredths, inches, or fractions of a second. Sport Factor is integrated into the athletes apparel providing constant communication and enhancement of the body to provide the difference all athletes are measured by.

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    Fine Tune Your Game

    The apparel for every game day routine. Be noticed.

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    Melodical by Nature

    Enhance your game with the appropriate equipment and achieve outstanding feats.

  • Lightning Fast

    Get the benefits you want without waiting. Experience lightning fast response

What others say about us

Seeing the Sport Factor product in action has given me a new appreciation into the development of sports and sport technology

I was very skeptical of the product as we where asked to try it, once my boy put the sport factor technology to use I could see huge improvements and he loved the feeling he got from it.

After attending the jump tests that Sport Factor had showed us I was astonished by the dramatic difference I saw in my own athletes abilities. This could change the face of the game…

The feeling of the Sport Factor is bar none. I have had the opportunity to use the technology in competition and can sense a difference, not to mention seeing the difference in my scores.

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